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The main activity of the company is the construction and maintenance of telecommunications networks and systems, electrical installation work on all types of facilities, and the construction of photovoltaic systems.

Elbrod d.o.o.

From Elektrobrod to Ebrod d.o.o.

Elbrod d.o.o. is a company that originated from a small family business “Elektrobrod” which was engaged in electrical installations. Due to the increased volume of work during many years of business as a trade, Elektrobrod grows into the company Elbrod d.o.o. which meets all market requirements.

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The work experience gained over many years is responsible for the ability to provide a wide range of works and services and the trust of many clients. The success of our business is based on quality and recognizable work, the use of the best and highest quality materials and the reliability and professionalism of our professional team.

Elbrod d.o.o. provides electrical and telecommunications services. We have been on the Croatian market since 2011, and since 2016 we have been operating in Germany.

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